Pre and post sales services

Lupak Metal at your side

At Lupak, every project is supported at all stages.

To you, our customer, we dedicate pre- and post-sales services that can support you to the point of making you independent in the management of each step, even the most complex.



We are available for :

Project analysis and discussion

Quotation of wire or chain sunshade systems


Product construction

In-house and on-site technical phases



You can request:

Installation/assembly assistance for sunshades and accessories

Maintenance service for external venetian blinds and accessories

On-site function checks

Solve your doubts, or ask about installation.

Contact support!

During the initial installation procedures of the external venetian blinds and the subsequent functional and yield checks, you can call on our support to solve any doubts.

Even when you have all the information you need to deal with subsequent installations in complete independence, you can still count on our assistance.